Painting, cleaning, scraping, chasing the dogs

Andrew and I have been busy cleaning up the house and following through on our plans of home decor/ repair. While Andrew has successfully been plodding along on the fence installation (I did help!), I was stalled all week on picking a paint color…. I did NOT realize it would be this difficult! I’ve painted apartments before, but it was much easier knowing the color was temporary and somehow not really a part of me in the same way my own house is. In the apartments I lived in – paint color – ANY paint color – was an improvement. Our new house is currently all painted an off-white color – which I’m not entirely opposed to, but I do want some color. And so it began…

Turns out picking the perfect green is reallllly difficult. At first I purchased a gallon of color and painted one wall of the living room… only to realize it was way too dark and too green. The rooms aren’t THAT big and the true greeny-green was so in your face I felt it would be hard to live with, especially in a main living area. My super frugal gene kicked in and I had a little freak out about wasting my money on the gallon of paint and considered just going through with the room because of it – but then I thought about how long we might be here and how much work painting was and I knew I couldn’t live with a color that wasn’t right. I then proceeded to buy four different paint samples in varying shades of green-gray.

Paint colors, noon.

Paint colors, noon light.

I wanted a green that acted almost like a neutral – not too blue or too yellow… or too gray or too green. Our sectional is a very average gray color, so I didn’t want something too close to its hue, either. Rather, I wanted a green which would play off the softness of the gray and the lightness of the… light. Of the sun, I guess. Our whole house is very bright since it is south facing and it is one of our favorite aspects of the space. So after a week of staring at the paint samples in the morning, afternoon and early evening, I made a decision: Martha Stewart’s Garden Shed, which is the far left color above. It is quite light with a bit more yellow than I thought I wanted – but it really brightens the space gently and I HOPE I like it as much once the whole room is painted! I also purchased fabric for curtains, which I really and totally love. I think the soft yellow and ivory will be accent colors in the room, and of course the gray will tie in with the sectional.

Curtain fabric

Curtain fabric

Okay, now – the fence: I’ve been trying to help, but it is a lot of big, heavy wood and circular saws and cement. Andrew is more than double my size, which I think he sometimes forgets. And he expects me to help with the circular saw and 50 lbs. cement packages and Hello! – I honestly do not have the muscle to work with these things. Yet – I tried. I helped Andrew measure out the wood for the backside of the fence – and also practiced my balance beam skillzzzz.

photo 1(2) photo 2(3)

There he is – circular sawing the wood with his muscles. We both can’t wait for the fence to be built because the dogs keep running up and down the easement out back.

I guess that’s all I have for today!

Love Emily








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