Rosemary essential oil

Another six day work week has left me weary. I had only Sunday off, and Andrew had only Saturday. He’s still out downtown and though he invited me to join him and a co-worker at a local brewery, I’ve declined.

I spent most of the day watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

holding_videoand sitting outside in the sun. There’s a small adobe outcropping out back that makes a nice bench. The house blocks the wind and the adobe warms up – it’s one of my favorite places. I didn’t blow dry my hair, which means I pretty much can’t be seen in public. I’m wearing my eyeglasses and one of my favorite black hoodies, complete with copious amounts of dog hair. Me and the dogs got up at noon, I had some coffee, did some training with Mesa… at 3 PM, I switched to wine and started the laundry.

Each week I switch the linens out on the bed and spray a few pretty sprays of homemade lavender air freshener. I love using scents in the home. I burn A LOT of candles, though it’s sometimes a (tiny) battle between Andrew and I. I understand. Not everyone loves the scent of Caribbean Escape permeating the bedroom. I’m not even sure I like it, but like I said, I have a thing for scents. It’s just fun. They set the mood – aromatherapy, right? But, it’s a tricky precipice: I love clean scents, warm scents, herbal scents – but can’t stand fake scents. I buy lots of candles, but am not always happy with them. Candles are sort of like lip gloss for me. For some reason, I LOVE trying them out, spritzing, smelling, pouting, buying them in handfuls… and then I get home and realize – it’s not working. I’m not a cherry lipgloss, nor a Caribbean Escape sorta person, when it comes down to it – as much as I like the idea of a girl who uses these products… Easy, breezy, right?

I’ve started making my own air freshener using essential oils. I know. It’s a bit of a hippie move. But it’s so much nicer to use a clean, pure scent rather than an artificial one. And it is very easy. For example, artificial lavender can be horrible and so pungent. But real lavender is subtle and violet and herbal. I just use an old spray bottle and follow the recipe below:

  • 1 oz vodka, gin, or rubbing alcohol (I use cheap vodka)
  • 6 oz water
  • 20-30 drops essential oil

Plus, it is kind of hilarious to buy a gallon of supermarket brand vodka in a plastic container. DO NOT DRINK THAT STUFF. However, it works sufficiently for this easy homemade air freshener.

I’ve been using lavender air freshener all winter. I also have some tangerine essential oil, but I don’t like it as much. It’s a bit sweet, maybe better for homemade lip gloss? I’d like to try eucalyptus, but essential oils can be pricey, and I can’t really justify buying another right now for my homemade apothecary. BUT! Another scent I absolutely love is rosemary and… Ta-Dah! We have a pretty good sized rosemary plant – the lone survivor of various herbs we planted two years ago.

photo 4

So, I Googled how to make rosemary essential oil from scratch and came up with this easy recipe:

  • 1 Mason jar
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Olive oil
  • Sunlight
  1. Cut enough rosemary to fill your mason jar. I packed mine rather loosely.
  2. Rinse the rosemary with water and let dry completely.
  3. Put rosemary in mason jar and submerge in olive oil, just enough to cover.
  4. Seal up jar and place in sunny window for about a month.
  5. Strain oil from rosemary sprigs.

We’ll see how it comes out! There are so many uses for essential oils. You can use them in all sorts of homemade crafts: air fresheners, candles, soaps, cleansers, homeopathic tinctures… You can even use this rosemary oil as an ingredient in a dipping sauce, salad dressing or marinade.

Ditch that Febreze and try making your own! You might find you have more hippie in you than you thought 😉

Time to listen to some Dolly Parton and wait for Andrew to get home.

photo (6)


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