The Perfect Holiday Sweater and My Second-hand Family

       A few days before Christmas, we had a little holiday party at work – which normally would not be worth mentioning except this year my boss suggested the possibility of an “ugly sweater” celebration. A few of us in the archives went out for an after-work get together at The Ranch House – and that is where the sweaters were to make their debut. However, I couldn’t resist wearing mine all day.
 photo (12)
       It’s not super ugly per-se. It might be almost chic, in the old lady way some sweaters are. But it’s also silly and only really works when paired with tattoos and red cowboy boots. It was one of those thrift store finds that was meant to be. My friend spotted it on a mannequin as we were checking out and we quickly ripped it off the display… leaving some bare plastic boobies exposed! 😉
       I’ve been lucky to have a few of these types of finds in my thrifting life: a pink, wool dress coat with velvet Peter Pan collar, dangley pastel wolf earrings, a multicolor beaded corset, my favorite pair of (now unwearably torn) black skinny jeans. Sigh. I LOVE thrift store shopping. Which is funny, since I can’t stand “regular” shopping for more than half an hour. Forget the mall! Target’s alright. But there is something about thrift store shopping – the hunt, the history of the items, the uniqueness, the often small and variable selection, the sense of ‘not wasting.’
       You can go to Target and find a sweater you like, then pick out your exact size, and color, or whatever. But at a secondhand store, the stars have to be aligned! There is likely only one of everything, so finding something in a style you like AND your size – it’s luck! Almost all of my very favorite clothes are from thrift stores. I also have some special “art pieces” and some awesome furniture (most of the furniture is now gone, alas – a sad consequence of moving too many times). I will never forget my black and white crackle finish lady’s desk, abandoned in Flagstaff, Arizona…
Look, I could go on and on about my special things.
Hey, I even have “second hand” doggies and kitties! What babes.
Now that I think about it, maybe that’s also a part of the whole thing. It feels good giving older or neglected or unwanted things a loving home – be that thing an old dish or a young pup.

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