Merry Christmas Pups and a Recipe

We let the dogs open their own presents, wrapped in newspaper.

Mesa completely loved her new toy, which is a Beyond Tough toy. We’ve tried numerous so-called “tough” toys, only to have her annihilate them in a matter of seconds. SECONDS! This one has actually lasted since Christmas (two days ago now) – which is really impressive. She also seems to like the shape because she can hold it down with her paws while chewing.

Lupe got a very nice purple retractable leash – but of course he enjoyed all the wrapping and trash/ kindling more than anything. Hence his nickname: “Captain Garbage.”

We people had a nice Christmas, as well. One of my favorite gifts from Andrew was this specialty Dunkin Donuts “Maine DDestination” mug:


Being from New England, yet living out west has created within me a Dunkin Donuts nostalgia, so this mug is silly and heart (tummy?) warming. It’s also nice and big, almost soup-sized. Which is how I like my coffee.

Christmas morning I put this make-ahead breakfast casserole in the oven: Pancetta and Gruyere Casserole. Aside from using shallots instead of yellow onion, I stuck to the recipe. Oh, I did add in a little smoked Gouda. I think the casserole would be forgiving of small edits to your own personal taste, but as is it is wonderful. The proportions are spot-on. I had to bake mine for close to 50 minutes and put foil over the top for last 10 minutes or so because I used quite a deep dish.


Mmmmm. It also went beautifully with leftover Christmas ham 🙂



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