Fancy Food – Roasted Fennel, Apple and Pork

Nightime security forces.

(Still no good camera, still using Andrew’s iPhone 3 G.)

So, I’ve been cooking a lot lately. I usually arrive home about 2 hours or so before Andrew and it is just the right amount of time for me to unwind. I get home, unleash the dogs into the big backyard, feed them and the cats, drink some wine, open up all the windows… and then start cooking. In school, I never had the time or inclination to cook a real meal – papers and reading always hung over my head. And sleep. But after a full day of work and thinking about arrangement and description and how to find the roots of some Salvador Garcia Chavez – I really appreciate the methodical performance of cooking. Usually, I need some kind of “inspirational recipe” – flavors I haven’t had before or maybe flavors that are storied and comforting, like meatballs, roast chicken,  creamy garlicky pasta or …. fennel, apple and pork. I don’t pretend to make super healthy meals, but I do try to make everything from fresh ingredients, with little or no processed foods.  I don’t use mixes or premade sauces and I try to purchase natural, happy meats – within reason (which means, when my bank account allows). I also usually use a recipe found online as my base, and then alter it to my own skills and tastes. So tonight, I tried a new recipe I will call, Roasted Apple, Fennel and Pork, based off this recipe:

Alterations and suggestions: More apple and fennel, add unsalted butter, and serve with sweet potato. I tend to overcook meat because I am afraid of bacteria – so don’t do that! I also added sage and rosemary to the roasted veggies. It came out great! It is a sweet and savory dish, and a nice alternative to chicken.

In other news, we received our security system tonight and Andrew is currently busy at work installing it. Mesa is still training to not eat the cats and Lupe is being a good teacher. Who knew he knew what good and bad was!?

I also applied for the Senior Archivist position at work and I have some hopes that I will get it – and a larger paycheck! We need it, for sure.

We are hopefully and wistfully preparing for summer visitors. I bought a queen-sized air mattress, we have a grill, outdoor seating, and chimnea – so come over! If you can deal with a whole horde of sometimes-well-behaved animals and not a lot of indoor space 🙂 We will grant you sunshine, yummy meals, high-altitude oxygen, and stories of ancient America.

Much love,



One thought on “Fancy Food – Roasted Fennel, Apple and Pork

  1. But wait, I thought you would be MY summer visitor! We would love to come visit actually, but it may need to be more in the fall or winter 😦 Regardless, we will see one another again!

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