Thursday Wine Day

For most of you, it is no surprise to hear: I like my wine. I like red wine. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Most days during the week, I am too tired to imbibe. It takes a certain amount of commitment, and sometimes, I just want a Diet Coke, or even – WATER. But Thursdays, they are traditionally wine days, aren’t they? So yes, tonight, while I was cooking a warm, healthy meal: 

roughly based off this recipe: (except I added shallots, garlic, green chiles, and ginger and upped the broth), I sipped some yummy Chianti. And then Andrew was late home from work, so I kept sipping and ate dinner by myself.

There was some heat to those green chiles! If I look tired – I am. It’s been a long week at the archives, what with the Historical Society of New Mexico Conference this past weekend, and then a full week of reference and processing and office personalities I am still getting used to. I fell asleep completely during my lunch break today and had to go back to the reference room with mussed hair. I had been feeling overwhelmed this morning, with the weight of people’s bad attitudes and inclinations and the news from the radio and Facebook: were those liberals STILL criticizing Obama, for coming out in support of equal marriage rights? Yes. They were. (He didn’t do it soon enough or well enough for them.) As a person who is very intuitive and empathetic (maybe to a fault) – I feel Obama is a good person and I trust him. And the negativity from all sides starts to wear on me like an old shoe. You see, I have been through hard times. I have seen people struggling, severely, and I have struggled myself. But somehow now, I feel very strong and I know hard times bring lessons if you are careful enough to understand them. And if you can see other people suffering and still manage to see their humanity and what makes them good – if sad and impossible – if you can see all these parts of human existence – you have a hope and a strength that is huge. And I have that. I realize I am being tipsy and emotional right now. And I have been accused of being dramatic more than one time in my little life. Anyway.

Anyway, today, I was feeling overwhelmed by all this, this human existence. People working through things and struggling in their lives, for happiness or love, against anger and fear. (Do I sound like a Buddha?) And I was feeling discouraged. I mean, very sad. So I decided to pop in this audio CD Andrew had brought me from the library:

He is such a love. But, did he know what it would do to me? Especially in my moment of vulnerablity? Well, it made this big ol’ face very hard to resist: You have to click the link. It is to a gray-haired, 5-year old pit bull mix, who is mellow and funny, and has been at the Santa Fe Humane Society for quite a while. It’s Bubba (who’s name would have to be changed, of course), who I am visiting tomorrow. And in thinking of Bubba, and of Lupe and Amos and Grape and the little baby plants in our vegetable garden – I was happy again. I don’t need to adopt Bubba, but knowing there are gentle, loving souls like him, and other dogs, gives me the hope and happiness I need to make it to an old lady.

The End.


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